Doug’s Customs – Valance the Hunter (Marvel Comics)

Long before there was a Terminator on the big screen, there was one terrorizing the galaxy far, far away in the page of the Marvel Comics Star Wars series. His name is Beilert Valance and he served along side Han Solo at the Imperial Academy, that was until he became a half-cyborg bounty hunter that … Read more

Doug’s Customs – Shadows of the Empire: Guri

I don’t know about you, but I miss the era of walking into a store and finding new figures… sure it still happens, but now you usually preorder months and months ahead of time. Remember when Power of the Force II Star Wars figures were putting a much smaller dent in your wallet than the … Read more

Doug’s Customs – Concept Empire Strikes Back Princess Leia 6-Inch Black Series Scale

A long time ago on a planet not so far away, a young kid got his hands on the book The Art of the Empire Strikes Back. This incredible publication opened me up to a whole new galaxy of creatures, costumes and concepts from my all-time favorite movie. It was the main catalyst in my … Read more

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