Doug’s Customs – Valance the Hunter (Marvel Comics)

Long before there was a Terminator on the big screen, there was one terrorizing the galaxy far, far away in the page of the Marvel Comics Star Wars series. His name is Beilert Valance and he served along side Han Solo at the Imperial Academy, that was until he became a half-cyborg bounty hunter that went after the Dark Lord of the Sith — Darth Vader.

Valance the Hunter played a very large part in the Skywalker saga. Originally hunting Luke Skywalker due to Valance’s hatred of droids and himself to some degree, he found out that Luke was the boy that destroyed the Death Star. He also believed that Luke was trying to make peace in the galaxy, a peace that would include robots and cyborgs like himself. After befriending Luke he set his sights on the Empire and hunted Vader.

Valance was not seen again in print until Marvel regained the Star Wars license under Disney. He is now appearing quite a bit, and can be seen in the pages of War of the Bounty Hunters. I thought for certain we’d get him as a figure in the 3.75 line when Hasbro did the Comic Packs, but… NOPE. So I made my own in the Black Series 6-inch scale.

Here’s the recipe:

  • Head: Custom Print (made using a 3D human head model and my skills in Tinkercad and Blender)
  • Hands: Marvel Legends War Machine
  • Upper Torso and Arms: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Blue Ranger
  • Lower Torso and Legs: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cybervillain Blaze
  • Weapons: Marvel Legends Winter Soldier (modified)
  • Cape: Island Journey Rey Black Series
  • Holster: Bespin Luke Skywalker Black Series
  • Knife: Marvel Legends Drax the Destroyer
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