Doug’s Customs – Luke Skywalker Lumiya Confrontation II (Updated 11-29-21)

I’ve been meaning to start this section of Doug’s Toy Box for awhile now. I’m a collector too… but more importantly I love customizing Star Wars and Marvel action figures. Since my first exposure to the expanded universe of Star Wars, mostly through Marvel’s original comic series, I have loved making some of the figures that the awesome Kenner and Hasbro teams never got around to. I wasn’t sure what figure I was going to begin with. Should it be something I already made or something I am currently working on? I decided to make it something I was currently working on.

I chose my favorite story from the classic Marvel Line that was created in 3.75 scale — Lumiya and Luke Skywalker. The Luke Skywalker from that comic pack is kind of a mishmash of Bespin Luke, Dagobah Luke and Jedi Knight Luke. They molded the parts in a brown/orange color to match the comic. My project is to make a 6-inch version of that figure complete with Jedi green saber and the red shoto blade saber that he used in the comics.

I’m borrowing from 3 figures too. This recipe doesn’t need any modifications made to the parts. I am using 3 pre-existing Black Series figures – Dagobah Luke, Bespin Luke and the Skywalker Strikes (deluxe Yavin) figure.

This is a pretty easy mashup. You’ll have to boil and pop* (or use your favorite dismantling method) all three of these figures to acquire the parts needed to complete this recipe.

  • Head, Lower Torso and Legs from Yavin Luke
  • Upper Torso from Bespin Luke
  • Arms from Dagobah Luke

Here’s a layout of what goes where. Now it’s time to paint.

Check back soon for an update with the final steps to creating a Lumiya Confrontation II action figure.

Update (11/29/21): Life gets busy, but I finally had some time to work on more custom figures. Here is my final image of Luke, fully painted and sealed.

I use Plaid Clear Acrylic Sealer Aerosol Spray to seal my figures. In this case I used the Matte finish. I also used a combination of paints to get the orange color I wanted. I mixed Testors Matte Acrylic Brownie and Orange to get as close as I could.

Here is the finished product:


*Disclaimer: Always be careful when using any method to take apart action figures. We are not responsible for any damage caused to yourself or your figures when customizing.

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