Star Wars Lumiya 3.75 Scale Loose Action Figure (Complete)


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There are countless Star Wars Legends characters that were made into action figures, many making their way back to canon. One of the most intriguing characters, Shira Brie began as a rebel pilot fighting alongside Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion until Luke used the force to fire upon an enemy blindly, the enemy was Brie. However it was Luke that was viewed as the enemy by the Rebellion. What the Rebellion didn’t know was that Brie was a spy for the Empire. Nearly killed by Luke, she was rebuilt much like Darth Vader into the Dark Lady of the Sith — Lumiya.

This figure is a Star Wars Comic Book Pack 3.75 scale action figure of Lumiya as seen in the pages of the original Marvel Comics series and the pages of the Legacy of the Force book series.

You are purchasing the loose Lumiya figure only with 2 accessories, her yellow lightwhip, and a second head.

Figure is in excellent condition and comes in a clear bag for protection.

Series: Comic Book Packs – 3.75 scale (#7)

Year: 2009

Ages: 4+

Made in China.

Last One in stock! Sold as is. No returns, or exchanges.

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