Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Constable Zuvio #09


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This 6 inch scale action figure of Constable Zuvio comes from the Star Wars Black Series line. It is #09 in the series and features a character that barely appeared in the film the figure was developed for — The Force Awakens. Well… unless you count the back of the character in the far background of a scene, “in the film”. It created quite a stir with figure collectors, but interestingly a few years later, Zuvio (or a character that looks just like him) did appear in an episode of the hit Star Wars television show — The Mandalorian, renewing some interest in the action figure.

Includes 1 figure, weapon and accessory.

Series: The Black Series (2015) #09

Ages: 4+

Year: 2015

Made in China.

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