Marvel Legends House of X Moira MacTaggert 6-Inch Scale Action Figure (Marvel’s Tri-Sentinel BAF)

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This Marvel Legends comic-style, 6-inch scale action figure of Moira MacTaggert, the X-Men ally, comes from the Tri-Sentinel Build-A-Figure lineup. Moira has lived many lives as she seeks justice for mutantkind. As a scientist, she’s been a long time friend of the X-Men. This figure showcases her in her lab gear as seen in the House of X series.

MacTaggert is new in box and comes with an additional head to swap for a different look. She is also packaged with a scarf, a book, glasses, and two extra arms along with the left leg of the Tri-Sentinel build-a-figure.

Series: Marvel Legends X-Men House of X (Marvel’s Tri-Sentinel Build-a-Figure Series)

New in package. Includes 1 figure, 6 accessories and 1 build-a-figure part.

Year: 2021

Made in China.

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