Marvel Legends Dark Beast 6-Inch Scale Action Figure (Sugar Man BAF)


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This Marvel Legends comic-style, 6-inch scale action figure of the beloved X-Men and Avengers member Hank McCoy is not who he appears to be. This version of McCoy comes from an alternate universe and is known as the Dark Beast. This Hank worked for Mr. Sinister and was a sadistic, cruel scientist that enjoy exploiting and torturing the subjects of his experiments. This Beast is strong, agile and evil.

Dark Beast comes with some interchangeable hands and the hammer of the Sugar Man who is the build-a-figure for this wave.

Series: Marvel Legends Infinite Series (Sugar Man Build-a-Figure Series)

New in package. Includes 1 figure, 2 accessories, and 1 build-a-figure piece.

Year: 2020

Made in China.

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